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Balanced Radiance Skincare Set

Balanced Radiance Skincare Set

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Elevate your skincare routine with our "Balanced Radiance Skincare Set" — a harmonious blend of the Blue Balancing Facial Serum and the Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion. Achieve clear, radiant skin at any age with these two powerhouse products, each designed to address specific skin concerns while promoting a healthy, balanced complexion.

Blue Balancing Facial Serum:
Unveil clear skin at any age with our Blue Balancing Facial Serum. This ultra-light, quickly absorbing oil-serum is enriched with unique botanicals like blue tansy and plant squalane. It helps to smooth and brighten the look of blemish-prone, imbalanced skin while promoting a soothing and hydrating effect. The plant-based formula, sourced from renewable European crops, reveals a fresh, balanced-looking, glowing complexion. By choosing this serum, you not only care for your skin but also contribute to the protection of marine ecosystems.

Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion:
Experience your skin at its best with our Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion. This fast-absorbing, nutrient-dense emulsion features six sustainably obtained mushroom extracts, including Reishi, Maitake, and Chaga, to address a wide range of skin concerns. Supercharged with flower waxes and organic safflower oil, this vegan emulsion supports the natural skin barrier, reducing roughness and defending against dryness. By choosing this emulsion, you actively contribute to planting biodiverse forests — every purchase helps plant 0.5 m2 of lush greenery.

Balanced Radiance Skincare Set:
Our "Balanced Radiance Skincare Set" brings together the transformative powers of the Blue Balancing Facial Serum and the Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion. This curated duo is a comprehensive solution for achieving a clear, balanced, and radiant complexion. Immerse yourself in the natural goodness of these vegan, cruelty-free products, made in Poland with a purpose. As you care for your skin, you also play a part in supporting our planet's well-being.

Elevate your daily skincare ritual with the "Balanced Radiance Skincare Set" and embrace the balanced radiance within and without.

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